Claviorganum German/Italian

Stringed keyboard instruments combined with an organ part have existed since the 16th century at the latest. These claviorgana appear to us in a wide variety of types: as a clavichord with organ lower part, as a small 4' spinet with built-in organ, as an 8' spinet with organ, as a one- or two-manual harpsichord with organ lower part in various forms, some following the shape of the harpsichord, others standing out from it in a rectangular form; even a Geigenwerk with organ is described by Caspar Schott in 1657. Claviorgana were built in Italy, Austria, Germany, England and France until the late 18th century.
This claviorganum here is a joint effort: the harpsichord comes from my workshop, the organ comes from the workshop of Friedrich Lieb, Bietigheim-Bissingen. The claviorganum consists of a single-manual Italian harpsichord freely after Aelpidio Gregori and a chest organ with Gedackt 8' and Flöte 4'. Both instruments can be played individually or coupled by moving the keyboard.