Quart-virginal (spinet) after Ioannes Ruckers 1629

Although the big (6') virginals sound in the eight-foot pitch we are used to, a variety of other sizes were also built, which then sound in the corresponding pitches. Just as we know it from flute and string instruments.
We have preserved virginals in the following sizes: 6', sounding in eight-foot pitch, 5', sounding a major second above, 4 ½', sounding a fourth higher, 4', sounding a fifth higher, 3', sounding an octave higher and 2 ½', sounding a ninth higher. The foot designations refer to the old Antwerpen foot, which was about 285 mm long. The 6' instrument is therefore approx. 1.71 m long.
According to its scale length, this spinet sounds a fourth higher than the eight-foot register.